Habibollah Taherkhani


Master of Urban Development (Urban and Regional Planning), Shahid Beheshti University, 2001

 Phone: 021-886720-81    Fax: 021-886720-83   


Supplementary Training Courses:

1- Training Course on Income Generation in Municipalities, Oxford Brookes University, England, 2007.

2- Training Course on Credit Rating at CI Company in Limassol, Cyprus.

3- Study tour of Sustainable Urban Development and Smart Growth in Germany, Case Study of Berlin and Hamburg, 2015.

Executive positions:

1- Member of Board of Directors of New Towns Development Holding Company, 2015- Present.

2- Vice Chairman of Town Development Headquarter, 2013-Present.

3- Member of Policy making Council of “Andisheh Iranshahr”, 2015- Present.

4- Representative of “New Towns Development Company” in Iran’s High Council of Urban Development and Architecture, 2015- Present.

5- Director General of Plan and Budget Office of Tehran Municipality.

6- Advisor to the Deputy of Planning of Tehran Municipality, 2010-2011.

7- Deputy Director General for income of Tehran Municipality and Director of Sustainable Income Division, 2007-2010.

8- Deputy of Urban and Rural Researches Center of Municipalities Organization, 2003-2006.

9- Project Manager of “Comprehensive plan for Tehran Municipality Sustainable Income”, Project adopted by Islamic Council of Tehran, 2007-2008.

10- Project Manager of “Preparation of Operational Plan for Tehran Municipality”- Project adopted by Islamic Council of Tehran, 2006-2013.

11- Lecturer at Imam Khomeini International University, Department of Urban Development (from 2006 to 2012)

12- Lecturer of educational courses for mayors of Qazvin, Mazandaran, Qom, Capitals of Provinces, Islamic Councils of Khorasan and…, 2003-2016.

13- Deputy Editor of Urban Management Quarterly Journal (No.1-4)

14- Secretary of Research Division of Urban Management Quarterly Journal, 2000 to 2001.

15- Member of the Specialized Committee for Reforming and Providing Income Sources of Tehran and Iran Municipalities, 2004-2006.

16- Senior Expert of research projects for municipalities’ favorable system of accounting and budgeting.

17- Supervising Expert in the Project of “Designing a system for assessment and evaluation of productivity in Iran municipalities”.


1- Outstanding Director of Tehran Municipality, 2011.

2- Certificate of Appreciation from UN-Habitat due to Presentation of the Experience of Sustainable Income Comprehensive Plan in Best Practices Programme, 2008.

3- Certificate of Appreciation from International Management Conference due to Presentation of Managerial Experiences, Sustainable Income Plan, Tehran Municipality Credit Rating and Operational Program at 3 consecutive conferences

4- Outstanding Research Manager in Deputy of Urban Planning and Development, 2013.

Articles, Books and Lectures:

1- Creating Urban Defensible Spaces, Quarterly Journal of Urban Management (Scientific-Research), 2002.

2- Urban Planning and Management: Theoretical Basics and Experimental Challenges, Publications of the Organization of Municipalities, 2002.

3- Review and Analysis of Municipal Reliance on the income of sale of surplus floor area ratio, Municipalities Journal, No.50, 2005.

4- Management of Historical texture of Iran’s Municipalities (Challenges and Strategies), Quarterly Journal of Urban Management (Scientific-Research), No. 18, 2006.

5- Political and Management Fragmentation in the Administration of Tehran’s Metropolitan Area – The Second Seminar on Construction in the Capital, 2006.

6- Tehran City-Region Governance, Challenges and Practices, Fine Arts Journal (Scientific-Research), No. 29, 2007.

7- Comprehensive Plan of Tehran Sustainable Urban Income, the 5th International Management Conference, 2007.

8- The Perspective of Governance System of Tehran Metropolitan Area, Fine Arts Journal (Scientific and Research), No. 32, 2008.

9- Pathology of the Model of City Administration in Iran, Quarterly Journal of Geographical Research (Scientific-Research), 2008.

10- A Study on the Direct Election of Mayors in Improving Indicators of Urban Governance in Iran, “Page” Quarterly Journal (Scientific-Research), No. 46, 2008

11- Theoretical Basis for Improving Informal Settlements, Publications of the Organization of Municipalities of Iran, 2009.

12- Municipality Credit Rating, 7th International Management Conference, 2009.

13- Financing the comprehensive plan of Tehran: Problems and Solutions, The second financial conference of the municipality, 2009.

14- Realization of urban development plans depends on the favorable relationship of urban management and planning, Journal of Councils, 2011.

15- Urban Management System in Fifth Development Plan, “Nashre Shahr” Publications, 2011.

16- Financial Requirements for Turning Tehran Municipality to a Social Institution, Conference of “Municipality as a Social Institution”, 2011.

17- Development of Municipalities’ Midterm Plan in Iran (Case study of Tehran) – 9th International Management Conference, 2011.

18- Performance-Based Budgeting, 5th Municipal Finance Conference, 2013.

19- Providing Sustainable Urban Spaces, 1st National Conference on Sustainable Public Urban Spaces, University of Art, 2014.

20- Necessity of Change in the Municipalities Income System, “Eqtesad Newspaper” Daily Note, 2013.

21- An Analysis of the Role of New Towns in Housing Development in Iran – The 14th Conference on Housing Development Policy in Iran. 2014.

22- Analysis of the Experience of Iran’s New Towns after the Revolution, Campus of Fine Arts of Tehran University, 2014.

23- Moving the Capital: a Controversial Issue, “Eqtesad Newspaper” Daily Note, 2015.

24- Investigating the Impact of Social Considerations on the Approaches and Policies of Renovation of worn out texture Projects, International Conference on Applied Research in Civil Engineering, 2015.

25- Necessity of Development of a National Urban Policy- 16th Conference on Housing Development Policy in Iran, Tehran University, 2016.

26- The inefficiency of municipalities and Rural Districts’ income system in the land management system, the second national conference on Land Space Wise Management, University of Tehran, 2016.

27- The harm of Semi-Finished Projects for Tehran Economy, Donya-e-Eqtesad Newspaper, 2016.

28- Governance of Tehran city, City and Urban Area Conference, 2006.

29- Examination of Effects of Direct Election of Mayors in Improving Iran’s Urban Governance, European Conference of City-Life, 2010.