New Towns; Goals, Approaches

After the victory of the Islamic Revolution, the major goals of the Islamic Republic state of Iran in the fields of spreading and deepening the justice in all of the fields and meeting the basic needs of people specially housing, as well as the state of the country and issues such as great amount of the rate of population growth and broad migration to urban areas, the de-trop growth existing cities specially metropolises, the disorganization of the settlement system and the spatial regularization of habitations of human, the intensification of the need of urban housing construction and the limitation of non-agricultural lands within the cities and its direct areas, made the creation of new cities as one of the main strategies of urban development. Accordingly, by accomplishment of justificatory studies and also preparation of legal and structural preliminary measures, creation of the new Towns was aimed by considering the following objectives:

1. Refinement of the main city in order to organize its development and also to attract the overcrowding population of the main city.

2. Avoidance of land prices rising in major cities

3. Reduction of pendulum commuting between major cities to industrial areas which are around them, reduction of traffic and also avoidance of the waste of time and resultant costs.

4. Establishment of the basis of implementing the thirty-first principle of the constitution in order to make the low-income groups landlord.

5. Propagation of mass construction in the development of the residential complexes.

6. Prevention of the destruction of agricultural lands and fine soil due to the disharmonious development of major cities.

7. Implementation of new patterns in the design, implementation and utilization of the new technologies in the fields of design and construction of buildings in the creation of cities.

The plan of the construction of new cities with pre-measured planning was approved by the Cabinet of Ministers on March 15, 1986, and the New Cities Construction Company was established on June 17, 1989 in order to design the policies, manage and guide the proceedings of creation of the new Towns to achieve the above-mentioned goals of the New Towns Construction Company. Then the affiliated companies were established in order to follow the designing, constructing and also managing of each of the new Towns.